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Nerve Pain - Leg Pain Sciatica

The sciatic nerves travel through the lower spine, the buttock and leg regions into the foot. The inflammation of these nerves is called "Sciatica", and can leave the patient with a persistent discomfort in his or her lower back and legs. If left untreated, the discomfort can escalate to severe pain in the patient. Visit Dr. Batlle to learn about how WellSpine can relieve your Sciatica pain.

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Herniated Disc

Treatment for Herniated Disc

Among the most common back injuries experienced by patients, a herniated disc is the bulging or rupturing of a spinal disc. In extreme cases, the viscous interior of the disc can actually disrupt the outer layer and enter the patient's body. This condition is most frequently corrected through a disectomy.

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Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis - Bulging Disc

Spinal Stenosis, the condition in which the patient's spinal canal begins to tighten, restricts the nerve roots and spinal cord making comfortable movement increasingly difficult. If it goes untreated, the spinal canal can continue to narrow, which will continue to pinch the patient's nerve roots and create astounding pain.

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Pedicle Screw Fixation

Spine Surgery - Pedicle Screw Fixation

For when a lumbar fusion is required due to degenerative spinal diseases.

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Spinal Surgery - Herniated Disc

Herniated (or prolapsed) lumbar discs are a common cause of backache and sciatica.

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XLIF Spine Surgery at WellSpine

Spinal fusion operations have improved considerably over the past decade through the use of XLIF®

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